If you aren’t sure exactly what a natal chart reading is click here for more information:

If you would like to get a free mini-reading you can email me your data: birth date, time and place along with your question.  I will write about it anonymously in the area above called Free Advice

I do readings in person in California (San Francisco Bay area) or I can read for you anywhere in the world via Skype or phone.  I have clients in Many states and countries:  California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Virginia, DC, Florida, Mexico & Brazil, just to name a few.  I do reading in Spanish and Portuguese as well. For more info and pricing click here:

Besides a Natal chart reading you might also benefit from a look forward with either a Solar Return (every year for your birthday) or progressed chart or a relocation chart if you have moved recently or are thinking of moving.   For more info click here:

If you’re wondering what you can do to make your next party more interesting, I am available at a very reasonable price.  Your guests all get mini readings and  even learn something about astrology playing a few games.  Contact me for more info.

If you are wondering where your soulmate is hiding, or why your relationship feels extra challenged click here:

Trouble with your health has a few options:  I read your chart, then we talk about nutritional and alternative healing options.  I can do healing energy work with you and also a hypnotherapy session to help activate your own mind/body healing potential.  Hypnosis is surprisingly effective as a healing tool because it gives you access to your unconscious and energy fields.  For more info on hypnosis:

If you’re having a hard time with a new baby or you have a child with particular challenges you are having trouble understanding, getting their chart read to you is immensely helpful.  It will help you prepare them for and guide them through those challenges with unique insight and deeper awareness.   Check out the Kids page above for more info.

If you are interested in learning more about astrology or know something already you will find some thought-provoking articles and current information posted on this site in the right column.

Thanks for visiting my site and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  (424) 270-3261


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